When it comes to possible means of travel in Jacksonville, Florida your options are far from few. However, there are certainly some that tend to be the smarter choice in terms of reliability, safety, and knowledge. If you’re thinking of counting on an app to get you to where you need to go, you may want to reconsider and hire a locally owned black car service instead. Here are eight reasons why…

1. No Waiting at the Airport

You’ve just been sitting on an airplane all day waiting for the wheels to touch down at JAX Airport, so why would you want to wait on your hotel transportation too? Forget the airport shuttle and rely on the on-time service of an executive car service to start your trip off just right.

2. Guaranteed Cleanliness & Safety

With other Jacksonville transportation options, there’s no accountability with cleanliness and safety. However, with an executive car service, both are almost always guaranteed. As two of the most important factors in any sort of transportation, you’ll be relieved when hopping in that clean and safe vehicle.

3. Friendly Drivers

How many horror stories have you heard about the app-serviced drivers? Forego taking the chance on 3 or 4-star rated services and instead be greeted by friendly drivers who have your best interest in mind. Whether it is a ride to your hotel or a ride to Jacksonville Airport, a friendly driver from a Florida small business makes all the difference between a good and bad transportation experience.

4. The Ability to Plan Ahead

For those of us who enjoy schedules and planning ahead, there truly is no better transportation option than booking a car service while traveling Jacksonville. Unlike other means of transportation,  you can schedule way ahead of time and make reservations online to make certain you aren’t late for your flight out of JAX Airport.

5. No “Flare” Pricing Strategies

Have you ever requested a car service or a car to your hotel only to find that the price would now be double or triple what you expected? With a chauffeur through a locally owned black car service, you won’t have to deal with “flare” prices no matter what time or day of the week it happens to be.

6. Unbeatable Flexibility & Responsiveness

Say goodbye to surprise traffic and relying on Google Maps for up-to-date road conditions and hello to simply unbeatable flexibility and responsiveness while taking your hired executive car to JAX Airport and beyond. With state-of-the-art GPS and flexible drivers working around your schedule, your ride to Jacksonville Airport or a local hotel will go nothing short of perfectly smooth.

7. Helps Support Florida Small Business

This one speaks for itself. Instead of feeding into corporate machines in the app-powered cab services, how about supporting a reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable local business for a change? In addition to knowing the area better than anyone else, when choosing a car service for your JAX Airport transfer or a car ride to the hotel, you’ll find the pros far outweigh the cons when choosing a local executive car service.

If you’re still not convinced to hire a local black car service after reading these seven reasons, feel free to visit or call at 904-372-8084 and we will be happy to help answer any additional questions you may have. We look forward to serving you while in Jacksonville!

Why choose Jax Black Car Services to Travel in Jacksonville, Florida?
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Why choose Jax Black Car Services to Travel in Jacksonville, Florida?
When choosing the best Jacksonville executive car service for a ride to the hotel, the pros far outweigh the cons when you choose a Florida Small Business.
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Jax Black Car Services - Executive Transportation
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