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More and more people it seems, are mixing business travel & leisure! The trend, known as bleisure, is sweeping across the world, and could even make executives more productive.

Bleisure can take many different forms for executives, whether by extending a business trip for a few days or even bringing family members to join them, simply paying the additional travel and hotel expenses themselves.

Traveling on business gives a unique opportunity to expand horizons and enjoy new cities, countries or cultures. In today’s digital world, staying connected with wi-fi and electronic devices has meant that executives can be more efficient and enjoy more flexibility. For this reason, business travelers are finding more free time for leisure activities.

In a recent study, over 80% of people said they use time on their business trip to explore the city they are staying in. Over 50% of those interviewed, also said they brought family members with them. In terms of the costs, it makes sense. With many business travelers away from home many times during the year, organizing a vacation can be tricky, and loyalty schemes such as ‘air miles’ can often enable a partner or family member to join them.

For businesses, having an executive that spends some time discovering the place they are visiting can be advantageous. Increasing cultural awareness and networking can help the company they represent, and of course it reduces risk of burnout. In addition, it can also keep employees more enthusiastic about spending time away, increasing productivity and motivation.

Companies generally do not mind such arrangements, and many are harnessing the trend to incentivize business travel among their employees. In all cases, plans should be discussed with the company, and any additional expenses covered by the employee.

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**Study results taken from Bridge Street Global Hospitality

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