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Business travel can be a great way to see the world, meet new people and escape the office! However, it can also be incredibly stressful, especially when visiting somewhere new and having to manage a busy schedule.  Remember these 11 tips to ensure your Jacksonville business travel is stress-free, productive and enjoyable! 

1 Have clear aims for your trip.

Even the smallest business trips are not cheap, so companies will want to ensure that any travel has a clear goal, and can produce a benefit or return on investment. Having two or three clear goals for the trip will help you stay focused and enjoy stress-free business travel. 

2 Do some background research & know the area!

When visiting a new city or location, it is advisable to do some research. Have a basic understand of the culture, the main transport hubs and an overall understanding of the neighborhoods. There are lots of great platforms online that can give information on the places to go, the places to avoid and places to eat and stay. 

3 Create a schedule.

Managing your time is important, not only to ensure you arrive at any meetings in good time, but to also make sure you achieve your overall trip goals. Be realistic when creating a business travel timetable, allowing time for eating, thinking, completing any follow-up after meetings and travel. Be sure to allow a little more time on travel just in case traffic holds you up!

4 Book your travel beforehand.

Here at, we regularly take care of business travel, and many of our customers contact us before they travel to ensure we are ready and waiting at the airport, or at one of the city’s transport hubs. Flights will, of course, be booked beforehand, but it is also advisable to book local ground transportation too. Often, you’ll get the best rates, and feel more relaxed when you arrive.

5 Book your accommodation arrangements.

Once you have researched the area you are traveling to, book your accommodation. By doing a little research, you can ensure you are staying in the right area for your needs. Here at, we always advise our business travelers on the local hotel options here in Jacksonville.

6 Travel light and pack sensibly.

Traveling light is important, but you’ll still need to think carefully about the things you’ll need. If you’re only going for a few days, traveling with only hand luggage can save time at the airport, but you’ll need to pack well. Consider outfits that are suitable for the weather, any meetings or events you are attending, and try to limit to one outfit per day if possible. Don’t forget power adaptors for the country you are traveling to.   

7 Join travel reward programs.

If you’re traveling frequently, it’s worth checking out the rewards on offer from companies such as airlines. Often, airlines give the opportunity to acquire points which turn into benefits or upgrades.

8 Be on time to the airport & check-in online.

Checking-in online and arriving early at the airport, can not only keep stress to a minimum on business travel but also give an opportunity to relax or check emails etc before the flight.

9 Use your travel time wisely.

Use the time spent traveling to check emails, work on a project, read through notes, or plan out what you intend to do when you arrive. If traveling further afield, try and adjust your body to the time at your destination. Consider the time that you eat and sleep to minimize jet-lag effects on business travel.

10 Consider communications!

Ensure that you have a good amount of data on your mobile device – or even unlimited. It may be advisable to buy a local SIM card, and it is vital to check with your data provider to avoid unexpected costs.

11 If you’ll be coming back, get to know people and places you like.

If you are returning to a destination, remember those businesses, hotels, and restaurants you like. This can make future business trips easier and more enjoyable. Getting to know people in the area through networking can also prove useful for any return visits.

At we hope these tips will prove useful when you next travel on business, and don’t forget, if you’re coming to Jacksonville, we’d love to hear from you. specializes in helping business executives get around the city, arrive at their meetings on time, and providing a stress-free ground transportation & concierge service.

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11 Tips to Stress Free Business Travel
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11 Tips to Stress Free Business Travel
Remember these 11 tips from to ensure your business travel is stress-free, productive and enjoyable! Contact us at 904-372-8084.
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