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Firstly, a very Happy New Year to you! We hope you enjoyed the festive season, and are now ready for a busy year ahead.

At this time of year, we are all desperately trying not to break those new year resolutions we set for ourselves, although let’s be honest, most of them will be forgotten by January, 20th.

One great resolution that all business executives can set for themselves – and stick to, is to avoid the stress & chaos of  “just in time” business travel by streamlining their ground transportation and using locally owned and operated pre-arranged transportation companies when dashing to and from meetings or when traveling back and forth to the airport. Booking reliable stress-free business travel is a new year’s resolution that’s easy to keep.

We all want stress-free travel, but many executives relying on rideshare drivers from the well-known TNC giants, are certainly not getting what is advertised.  In fact, many have told us how they have faced delays, been late to meetings, and even struggled to get a ride, especially executives that need to make that first flight out in the morning.

When it comes to private, professional transportation companies like Jax Black Car, the service is much more tailored. Firstly, local companies, perhaps started as family businesses, value the traditional customer relationship and see customer satisfaction and retention as their first priority.  Secondly, these companies are extremely knowledgeable about the local area, the drivers know the best way to travel around the city, they are often long term employees that are plugged into the comings and goings of the C class and these drivers are passionate about maintaining these exclusive relationships by going above and beyond when it comes to service.

The TNC companies or traditional cabbies don’t have the tailored customer service approach as it is near impossible for them to do so. It’s rare to ever speak to the same person twice when making a reservation, you never really know who’s going to show up when you use an app and the chances that anyone is concerned about your individual business requirements are very slim.

When it comes to getting executives to and from where they need to be, and ensuring that businesses perform to their optimum, a professional, private transportation company like Jax Black Car provides a more reliable service.

Many people who made the switch in 2016 are already enjoying more comfortable, reliable and consistently excellent service from companies such as Jax Black Car.  Their commute has turned from a stressful rushed experience, into a reliable routine that runs like clockwork, and while these executives have certainly stepped up their game by switching transportation providers, they are not necessarily paying more for it.

The peace of mind that comes with reliable transportation is essential, it allows already busy executives to concentrate on the decisions that impact their success.

It’s a time of change in the executive transportation sector, and just as the TNC’s have taken over the traditional cab scene, private executive ground transportation companies are expected to dominate travel for business travelers in 2017.

It’s not hard to see why. Traveling executives can develop a relationship with a private company, regularly booking with the same individual/s, using drivers that know their story and what they require out of the service, and knowing that a company is dedicated to maintaining a high level of customer service – after all, executives are vital to the company, just as reliable transportation is vital to the executive.

So, why not look into private transportation firms such as Jax Black Car, and see how your commute, trip to the airport, or travel to and from a meeting, could be made more enjoyable, reliable and stress-free.  This will be one new year’s resolution that you’ll be happy to keep all year long.

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