Why you really can have it all when it comes to executive transportation…

In today’s digital world, more and more businesses are turning to technology to make every-day processes simple and fast. Whether it’s producing invoices or managing diaries, a whole host of programs and apps have revolutionized every-day processes, often cutting down the need for manpower and speeding up tasks.

One industry which has embraced technology is the black car or executive transportation sector, with the addition of a host of ‘booking apps’ coming on to the market.

While the benefits of technology in this field are clear – most notably to be able to book rides quickly – the need for much more traditional customer service has not gone away.

In fact, is a solid example of an executive transportation company dedicated to providing something of a “holy grail” – combining all the technological advances with a tailored, personalized service. is keen to address the needs of the modern professional. From the point of booking through to final drop-off, the transportation service has been refined to not only be easy to book but also to provide concierge service ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience.

With a mobile-optimized website which is easy to navigate, there is no need to download an app. Executives can book their black car in just a few clicks, with dispatching cars 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With so much to think of, corporation executives, banking executives, logistics and transportation professionals look for travel solutions that are not only reflective of their company or brand but also remain safe, reliable, luxurious and friendly.

Reliability is a particularly important quality when it comes to travel, and guarantees a professionally licensed chauffeur and luxury vehicle to be available once a reservation has been made. is committed to remaining at the forefront of the transportation industry and is a member of the National Limo Association, the Florida Limo Association and the Transportation Club of Jacksonville.

So what makes the chauffeurs from really stand out?

Well, the passion they have for their home city of Jacksonville. Not only do the chauffeurs know the city streets explicitly, but remain on the pulse of everything going on in Jacksonville – in fact, they’re the go-to-guys in the city!

In addition, only hires drivers committed to providing a superior service, showing up in professional attire and speaking fluent English.

This passion for the city runs deep, with the company’s love of Jacksonville clear to see. was recently chosen as the Black Car Transportation Vendor for the Jacksonville River City Pride Festival and was honored to have managed the travel arrangements for entertainers and executives.

For those requiring transportation further afield, regularly provides airport transfers, as well as concierge professionals to coordinate executive sedan service across the country through a host of reputable affiliate relationships.

Every company has different needs when it comes to executive transportation, and takes time to understand the individual requirements to provide a service that is second to none.

Anyone wishing to discuss their corporate travel requirements can call the friendly office team at The team will not only guarantee a superior and reliable service but also provide the most competitive of quotes when it comes to luxury transportation of executives in and out of the city.

In summary, the industry has been flooded with technology, with many companies claiming to offer executive transportation at the touch of a button. But on closer inspection, it is clear to see that companies and their executives still value a personal, tailored service, when the novelty of the latest tech craze fades away.

By embracing technology and tradition, offers the ideal solution.  They provide reliable, comfortable and affordable chauffeured transportation; Allowing traveling executives to focus on the really important decisions that are made on the road every day. 


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    TECHNOLOGY vs TRADITION in Executive Transportation Services
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    TECHNOLOGY vs TRADITION in Executive Transportation Services
    Jax Black Car Transportation provides reliable, comfortable and affordable chauffeured transportation; Allowing traveling executives to focus on the really important decisions that are made on the road every day. 
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