John C.

Jax Black Car is absolutely TOP-NOTCH! Their professionalism and service are unmatched. I recently visited Jacksonville on business and had the extreme pleasure of using their service for several days. They were punctual, personable, and always professional. When I’m in Jacksonville there’s no other way to go but with Jax Black Car Transportation. Thanks for the stellar service.

Jevon C.

We booked a charter at the last minute for after our reception on our wedding night.  The driver called me that morning to confirm & showed up right on time.   We enjoyed the ride to our downtown hotel and spent the time together relaxing after a long day.  Jax Black Car made it happen & was very professional.

Erica G.

Jax Black Car was extremely helpful in answering my questions in scheduling and even completed the reservation over the phone to make things easier for me. We were delayed for five hours so the driver had the shift modified and was there waiting for us. We were out of the country and unable to confirm that they would be there. Extremely professional company! I don’t regret booking with Jax Black Car for our tricky transportation needs and will book again without hesitation.

Mark K.

My wife was traveling internationally for business so we decided it would be better to use a car service rather than leave her car at the airport for 2 weeks.

Departing flight: Flight canceled! While we were scrambling to find a replacement flight to get her to NY to still catch the international connection, I spoke with Jax Black Car and rebooked her ride twice. They were great and said no problem, we’ll have someone there.

Return flight: The international flight arrived early at JFK and she took an earlier flight back to JAX. Called Jax Black Car – no problem, we’ll have someone waiting for her.

This level of service and flexibility is outstanding. The people on the phone were courteous and professional. We will use Jax Black Car for our next personal vacation this summer and hopefully no flight changes.

M. C.

Open 24 hours a day – you speak with a live person (and not an answering service). I called at 2 am and made a reservation for an 11 am pick up the same morning. Thanks so much for giving me that peace of mind, Jax Black Car! And the Tesla was a nice touch!

Mike N.

I recently arranged transportation for several entertainers performing in Jacksonville! I used Jax Black Car and was very pleased with the service that weekend! Everything went smoothly and the entertainers were highly complimentary! I would not hesitate to recommend them to friends or business colleagues!

Shannon B.

Jax Black Car Transportation is EXCELLENT!!! The Staff is professional, prompt and extremely courteous!! They worked a miracle and were able to arrange a driver to pick up our son that was stranded in the Atlanta Airport during the power outage. The courteous driver delivered him safely and quickly to Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. We can not express our gratitude for your efforts and time it took to coordinate this tremendous task!

Kim & Sandi

What a company to deal with! Jax Black Car is top notch and probably one of the best transportation companies we have ever dealt with. Very accommodating and quick to respond to our needs. We had a very demanding schedule with multiple drop offs and pick ups all up the southern east coast. Jax Black Car rose to the occasion and did not disappoint. We would highly recommend them for all travel needs!! We will certainly use them again when on tour again.