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In today’s digital age, there are many business travel apps available. While certain apps can make business travel easier, more enjoyable and even more affordable, knowing which ones to choose from can cause some head-scratching!

Here at, we are business travel specialists, regularly transporting business executives to and from the airport, and all around our great city of Jacksonville.

We’ve done the hard work for you, checking out the latest business apps that could benefit you on your next business trip, and brought them together in this article!


While this shouldn’t be used as a replacement to language education,  it’s perfect for refreshing existing knowledge or picking up a few words or phrases ahead of a business trip abroad. With a similar layout to a computer game, this fun app guides you through levels, advancing according to the experience points you acquire. A foreign business travel must-have.

Free iOs and Android.


This app has seen over 20 million downloads since its inception, and this is useful for anyone working in business and finance, who needs to monitor the world’s markets on the go. With a host of business-oriented features, from precious metals rates to historic currency charts, this is a highly useful app, able to convert every world currency. It functions offline too, using the last updated rates, so you’ll always be in the know!

Free iOs and Android.


Equipped with more resources than Google Maps, Citymapper offers a really detailed journey planner with real-time departure and disruption alerts and updates. Available in 30 cities worldwide, the most obvious city destinations are covered, ideal if you’re getting away for business or pleasure.

Free iOs and Android.


Catered specifically for the traveler, this is a simple platform dedicated to splitting costs between friends or business associates. Enter expenses as you go, including who paid and the app will calculate the final split. This is ideal to record business expenses, and also works with varying currencies, doing the conversions for you.

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This is a travel agent in your pocket. Information for flights, hotels and event bookings are all easily transformed into an itinerary for you. The itinerary is easily emailed to you and stored on your device. If traveling with others, the itinerary also allows you to share your plans, making it easy for coordinating business groups or events.

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This is a handy, flight tracking app that has the most coverage of the world’s airports and airlines. Keeping you posted on your flight, the app helps you to maximize your time at the airport, by splitting your itinerary into; check in, boarding, takeoff and landing time, helping you to be at the right place at the right time, and also allowing time to catch up on emails or get some rest.

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This app creates a digital journal of travels so you can look back and see where you’ve been! The interactive map actively tracks you as you go, monitoring your speed and altitude. You can add pictures, audio and video too, to create a multimedia diary of your travels. This can be a fun way to make business travel even better!

Free, iOs and Android     LiveTrekker 


The Time Out app is perfect for finding things to do in the world’s cities. From bars to restaurants, and attractions to events, the app is easy to use, and is an easy to use resource that means you can make the most of your time away. Restaurant tables can be booked and concert tickets can also be purchased in the app!

Free, iOs and Android.


While apps are all the rage, at we know that space on your personal device is valuable. That’s why there’s no need to download an app to order a pre-arranged airport transfer or black car-for-hire in Jacksonville. Just visit our mobile optimized website and you will be immediately connected to our reservations system. Visit our site and easily make a reservation in advance of your airport ride and a Chauffeur will be at your door when you’re heading out on your next trip out of Jacksonville International Airport.


9 Top Business Travel Apps you must need to be familiar with!
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9 Top Business Travel Apps you must need to be familiar with!
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